Where To Stay In Ella

The recent popularity surge means that there is no shortage of accommodation options for any budget.


The Lovely Mountain Town Ella

Ella is a peaceful small village in the middle of a beautiful green countryside, with spectacular views!

Travel Lovers Club Sri Lanka: 14 Great Tips

Travel Lovers Club

Travel Tip 1: Water: You shouldn’t really drink the water in Sri Lanka, so bring a reusable water bottle with a purifier. It’s really hot, so to keep hydrated, you’d probably spend 300 rupees ($2) per day on plastic bottles of water at 60 rupees ($0.40) each. But a water bottle with a purifier costs just $20 (though my preferred brand Lifestraw is slightly more). Over the course of a two-week trip, that’s an $8 savings (and you help the environment too)!

Travel 2: Food: Outside of the major cities of Colombo and Kandy, you won’t find many non-Sri Lankan or non-Indian food options. What you do find is a poor excuse for Western food that is overpriced and often a chain. Stick to the local food! It’s super delicious. I never knew much about Sri Lankan food before hand but now I’m hooked! Just eat…

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